Medical Recommendation with My Sentiment我的倾情医疗推荐

1. Humanitas 科研型医院, 一个曾经给我和家人带来希望和奇迹的地方,一个拥有2,250位顶级专家团队和全球最先进设备(速锋刀, 达芬奇机器人等)的医疗、研究、教学中心。位于意大利米兰罗扎诺的这家著名医院,在欧洲综合排名第三,肿瘤治疗排名第一,医疗费用很低,仅是美国医院的1/4 甚至 1/20。


Humantitas Research Hospital, a place that brought hope and wonder to me and my family, a medical, research, and teaching center with groups of 2,250 top experts and the world’s most advanced equipment (EDGE, Leonardo da Vinci Robot, etc.). This famous hospital, located in Rozzano of Milan0, Italy, ranks third among all the hospitals in Europe, and ranks top 1 in cancer treatment in Europe, while the medical expenses are very low, only 1/4 or even 1/20 of American hospitals.

I strongly believe that it will bring hopes and miracles for life to more people and families.

About Humanitas Research Hospital



2. 如果不幸罹患某些罕见的严重疾病而且治愈希望渺茫,同时难以承受高昂的医疗费用,我在这里推荐美国的免费“临床试验网”,也许会带来生的希望。

For some rare and serious deseases with little hope of cure, lacking financial backing to bear the high medical costs, I hereby recommend the free “Clinical Trial Network” in the United States,  with the hope that it may bring hopes to life.

Clinical Trials


3. 现在美国的患癌人数逐年下降,一个重要原因是定期肿瘤检查。

Recently the number of cancer patients in the United States is declining year by year, one of important reasons for which is regular cancer screening.

(什么是结肠镜检查?What is Colonoscopy?)

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