意大利的教堂 Churches in Italy

意大利的教堂 Churches in Italy

1. 米兰大教堂 Milan Cathedral Church of Duomo


Brilliant Church of Duomo – the sister Church of Cologne Cathedral. I say they are sisters, because they were born in the same medieval age and were being constructed for six centuries, one in the south and the other one in the north. And they were built in the same style with steeples standing in huge numbers. They were all full of exquisite sculptures, but the Duomo of Milan has only 138 steeples, much inferior to the Church of Cologne Cathedral, while the Duomo of Milan  owns most statues in the world, more than 6000, many more than the Church of Cologne Cologne! So the two sisters should be treated equally, without any partiality to either of the two.




Milan Duomo is also different from its sister cathedral, Cologne Cathedral Church, mainly in the overall style. Milan Duomo is built entirely of white marble, and the upper part is typical Gothic style, while the lower part is Baroque style. But the Cologne Cathedral church in the north is a Gothic style model.So the two sisters should be treated equally, without any partiality to either of the two.


Another important feature of the Milan Duomo different from its sister church is the spire. Each spire of Milan Duomo has an exquisite statue of the gods, and the largest spire has a statue of the gilded Virgin Mary up to 4.16 meters high.


The night scene of Milan Duomo is also very beautiful. Like its sister church, Cologne’s Cathedral, the beautiful night scene makes visitors linger and forget to return. Without careful distinguishment, sometimes it is really hard to tell one from the other.

2. 富丽堂皇的圣马可大教堂,金色大教堂—富丽堂皇一点不为过,建于9世纪的圣马可大教堂是典型东方拜占庭风格,又融入哥特等其他风格。顶部5座圆形尖塔更是艺术杰作,庄严而辉煌,中间则是圣马可雕像,手持其写作的《马可福音》。不禁想到中国也有两座五塔寺,一座位于北京,一座位于呼和浩特。摄于意大利威尼斯

The magnificent St. Mark’s Cathedral, the golden Cathedral – really magnificent,  St. Mark’s Cathedral built in the 9th century is typical eastern Byzantine style, and also combined with Gothic and other styles. The five top circular spires are even more artistic masterpieces, solemn and magnificent, with the statue of St. Mark in the middle, who is holding his writing of the Gospel of Mark. I can’t help thinking that there are also two five-pagoda temples in China. one located in Beijing and the other Hohehot. Photographed in Venice, Italy.



The magnificent Cathedral of St. Mark, where the remains of St. Mark, the Jesus saint, were buried as a moat, and the mount was a lion, so the emblem of Venice was a lion with the gospel.


On the small square on the south of the cathedral there are two very famous white pillars, which are just the gates of Venice. One pillar is the statue of St. Diodor, the guardian of Venice, and the other pillar is the flying lion of St. Mark. Standing here, we seem to read the history and feel the history actually.


The magnificent interior of the St. Mark’s Cathedral, the five solemn and magnificent circular speeples, the four-corner bell tower and the St. Mark’s Square, which Napoleon called “the most beautiful square in the world”, are truly unforgettable.


3. ;摄于威尼斯的其他教堂 Other churches photographed in Venice


4. 罗马圣玛利亚和天使与烈士天主教堂—建在古浴场冷水浴室中的教堂,入口米开朗基罗所设计,巧妙利用了澡堂残垣断壁一段内拱墙,而教堂内部不失壮丽辉煌;最为奇特的是保留了浴场测量阳光的日晷,为满足洗浴对于阳光的需要和测量城墙沉降,却被教皇保留下来,以检验日历改革和准确预测复活节,据说日晷精度和稳定度超过著名博物馆藏品,宗教与科学的关系令人惊叹—摄于意大利罗马。

Roman Catholic Church of St. Maria and Angels and Martyrs – a church built in the cold bathroom of an ancient bathhouse, with its entrance designed by Michelangelo, skillfully utilizes a section of the inner arch wall of the remnants of the bathhouse, while the interior of the church is still magnificent; the strangest thing is to retain a sundial for measuring sunlight in the bathroom to meet the bathing need for sunlight and the need for measurement of the city wall settlement, which were preserved by the Pope in order to examine calendar reforms and accurately predict Easter. The sundial is said to be more precise and stable than the famous museum collections. The relationship between religion and science is truly amazing. – Photographed in Rome, Italy.


教堂本身就是个大日晷,令人惊叹。The church itself is a great sundial. It’s amazing.

教堂中测量城墙沉降的地平仪。An instrument for measuring the settlement of the city wall in the church.

5. 摄于罗马的其他教堂 Other churches photographed in Rome


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