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The lastest information 最新通知:


Latest “Historical Evolution of Chinese Character “Motivation” and Debate about “Simplified or Traditional” ” by Yang Jianhua now is in “Heated Topics”, and discussion is welcome.


Other information 以往通知:

9. 关于组织业余兴趣活动小组 About Organizing Spare-time Hobbyists Groups:


1) 你希望参加业余兴趣小组吗?

2) 你希望学习什么活动:

a. 太极拳       b. 太极剑      c. 剑术      d. 长拳      e. 中国围棋

f. 中国象棋      g. 剪纸      h. 中国书法      i. 中国绘画      j. 你感兴趣的其他活动

3.) 你可以参加活动的时间:

a. 周二下午 14:00 – 15:30 b. 周四下午 14: 30 c. 周五下午


Now your following feedbacks are needed in order to organize spare-time hobbyists groups:

1) Will you wish to participate in the spare-time hobbyists groups?

2) Co do you wish to learn:

a. Taiji Fist     b. Taiji Sword     c. Swordmanship      d. Long Fist      e. Chinese GO (Wei Qi chess)

f. Chinese Chess (Xiang Qi)      g. Paper Cutting     h. Chinese Calligraphy     i. Chinese Painting     j. Others you feel intereted in

3) Time suitable to you:

a. 14:00 – 15:30 on Tuesdays     b. 14:30 on Thursdays     c. on the afternoon of Fridays


8. 如果你想参加2018天津理工大学组织的夏令营,也请尽快联系。详情请见上面通知3。机不可失,失不再来。

If you are interested in the Summer Camp by Tianjin University of Technology, Please contact me as soon as possible. See Nr.3 above for detail. Now or Never!

7. 汉办网申请2018 孔子学院四周奖学金截至日期为4月20日。如果你仍希望获得该四周奖学金,请尽快联系我(J.Yang)

The deadline of registration for 4-week Confucius Institute scholarship 2018 to China is April 20 on Hanban’s website. If you still wish to have the chance for 4-week scholarship 2018 to China now, please contact me (J. Yang), and I will help you, but contact me asap.

6. 2018 “汉语桥”比赛波兰赛区(将于5月15日在波兹南举行)欢迎报名参加

2018 “Chinese Bridge” Competition in Poland (to be held in Poznan on May 15) Welcome to register)


Documents about Reviewing Questions for Chinese Bridge

1) 国情知识 Knowledge about China

2) 中国语言 About Chinese Language

3) 中国文化 About Chinese Culture

5. 天津理工大学 2018 年孔子学院奖学金招生简章

Enrollment Information of 2018 Confucius Institute Scholarship at Tianjin University of Technology

4. 弗罗茨瓦夫孔子学院组织2018夏令营

2018 Summer Camp organized by Confucius Institute in Wroclaw

3. 天津理工大学和波兹南孔子学院组织2018夏令营

2018 Summer Camp organized by Tianjin University of Technology and Confucius Institute in Poznan

2. KUL国际交流处 关于西安外国语大学2018/2019招生的通知

Dział Współpracy z Zagranicą ogłasza nabór na semestralne studia na Xi’an International Studies University w roku akademickim 2018/2019

1. KUL国际交流处 关于长江师范学院2018/2019招生的通知

Dział Współpracy z Zagranicą ogłasza nabór na semestralne studia na Yangtze Normal University w roku akademickim 2018/2019



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